Day 5, San Gimignano

Porta San Giovanni,
San Gimignano's south gate where bus stops were.

Old town San Gimignano is surrounded by fortified walls.

Buildings and shops along the old town's main street, Via San Giovanni.


Gelateria Pluripremiata
The owner was a member of the Italian team that won the official Gelato World Cup.

Inside the Gelateria.

We purchased 2 cones of 2 scoops each.
Outside the door is Piazza della Cisterna with an old well in the center.

Our lunch restaurant.
The door behind me is not the restaurant's entrance, it is the door to the kitchen.
The restaurant's entrance is on the left hand side of the building.
They had to put signs on this side, so that they are visible from the main thoroughfare.

The restaurant has been recommended by many guide books.

After learning about Monte Paschi of Siena being the oldest surviving bank in the world
and a leading bank in Italy, we did not hesitate to use its ATM.
We prefer to use ATMs inside a bank's lobby and during banking hours.