12/12/2016, Day 6, São Paulo

Santos port, as our ship arrived about 8 o'clock in the morning.
Raining and dark sky for the day.

Pinacoteca - São Paulo's state art museum,
where we were let loose for 45 minutes.
We did not take any picture of the street scene in São Paulo's downtown center.
Because our bus did not stop, and the bus windows were misty due to rain.

Inside the museum.






A hallway in the museum.



A train station
not far from the museum.

Our lunch restaurant

Grilled sausage.

Grilled beef. Just tell the server how big a piece you want.

Dinner back on the ship at the Terrace Cafe (a buffet).
Mei-Ching's 2nd plate - grilled shrimp, grilled lobster tail, and crab craw.
(The 1st plate for the both of us has always been sushi and sashimi.)