12/14/2016, Day 8, SEA Day

The Italian chef from Toscana Restaurant was half of the demo team.

The French executive chef was the other half of the demo team.

Part of the chef's ingredients

The cheese used in the pasta dish.

Afterwards, you may ask all your questions ...

... and sample the cooked food too.

Dinner at the Jacques Restaurant on the ship.
This was Vincent's appetizer, but we don't remember what it was.

Mei-Ching's appetizer - pan-seared Foie Gras (the piece on the right.)
The center was still very pink, so she only ate the well-done edges.
Perhaps she could quit trying Foie Gras by now.
(She has tried Foie Gras cooked in many ways, but has not liked any so far.)

We ordered the same main dish -
Sautéed Scallops over Fondant Potatoes and Morel Sauce.
(All 6 of us ordered dessert, but we don't recall what dessert the two of us ate. )