12/15/2016, Day 9, Rio Grande

Our local guide.
(The one in a white sweater holding a "3" sign.).

A very green square.

.... and well-maintained.

Inside the old custom house, the Alfandega.
It is a huge building, you'll need to see its photo in this page .

A street corner near the City Hall.

Sculpture in a park.

X'mas tree.

A street in the older part of the city.

Inside a church.

Inside the port market we saw these.
The pear-shaped ones are not arancini, they are sweet and are flour-based (not rice-based.)

Fish market

The small Oceanographic Museum.

Some of the preserved marine life on display

A giant sea shell.

This Oceanographic Museum is situated on a very pretty ground.
This was our tour bus, taking us back to the ship.

Dinner was at the Red Ginger restaurant.
We shared a few appetizers.

Vegetable Tempura, and Vietnamese Summer Rolls.

Sushi Chef’s Selection.
(You may ask to have all 8 pieces in sashimi, instead of the default mixed of maki and sashimi.)

Chili Miso Soup.

Vincent's main dish - Red Snapper in Banana Leaf.
He did not like it as much as the "Miso Glazed Sea Bass" we had the other day.

Mei-Ching's main dish - Today's special, Beef Teppanyaki.

Mango Tapioca and Ginger Cake.