11/14/2017, Day 9, Bermuda

Map of Bermuda.
It looks like a long hook, with the hook tip being the Royal Navy Dockyard
where we docked for two and half days in 2013 with the Norwegian Dawn.
Being a medium-sized ship, Viking SUN was able to dock at Hamilton.

On our balcony watching the Viking SUN sailing past the Royal Navy Dockyard
on her way to dock at Hamilton.

Map of downtown Hamilton.
The ship's terminal is just below the Front Street.

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the buffet restaurant.
Being a brand new ship, the windows behind us (and everywhere) were very clean.

The crew were busy seizing the day to wash the exterior of the ship.

The Front Street.
Viking SUN docked in parallel to the Front Street.

The City Hall of Hamilton.

A city park near the waterfont.

A sculpture in the park.

City park.

A street corner near the ferry terminal.

Waterfront near the ferry terminal.

Viking SUN, 930-PAX capacity.

On a ferry from Hamilton to the Royal Navy Dockyard.

The marina of the Royal Navy Dockyard.

The Clock Tower building of the Royal Navy Dockyard.


Watching our ship's sail-away at the Explorers' lounge.