6/3/2017, CruiseDay 8, Hammerfest

VT with the ship's lecturer Dan Mings in Lido buffet restaurant.
The outside scenery is the Hammerfest harbor where we docked.
Dan is a retired highway department employee from Texas.
He gave lectures about Vikings on our cruise.

The northern side of the harbor where we docked.

Hammerfest map.
The red tear drop was Pier 9 where our ship docked.
The city center (TI, Museum of Reconstruction, the new church, city hall etc),
are all on the southern side of the harbor.

Arctic scenery surrounding us.



Looking back toward Pier 9 from downtown Hammerfest.

Looking toward the northern side of the harbor from downtown Hammerfest. 


A street in Hammerfest town center. 

Polar bears statue in front of Hammerfest city hall.

The avant-garde Kirkegata church built in 1961.
It is shaped like a rack that locals use to dry fish.

Modern interior of the new church.

Inside the new church.

Polar bears and exhibition of histories of Finnmark inside the TI.


Drying fish on a rack. Part of the exhibition inside the TI.


Marc Oberon, the entertaining magician for the evening.
He told the audience that he does birthday parties too, and
he can fly from London to Holland to make an appearance.