6/4/2017, CruiseDay 9, North Cape

The GPS blue dot is Honningsvåg. 

Our weather forecast app showed temp was 41F at 9am.
Showers and Wind.
Sunrise at 2:00AM, and Sunset also at 2:00AM. 

Map of Honningsvåg and environ.
The red tear drop is the port of Honningsvåg where our ship docked.
The purple flag is the North Cape where we were going to visit.

Honningsvåg's Tourist Information Center (1-min walk from the cruise terminal)
where you may book tours, or find your tour group if you have already booked one.
All the tours meet here.
Tell the TI clerk which tour you have booked and she'll point out to you who your tour company's rep is.

Follow your tour company's rep to the right bus.
All the tour buses parked in the same parking lot in front of the TI office.

Our tour guide, a Swiss lady.

Arctic scenery along the drive to the North Cape. 


We drove past this giant fishing rack where fish were hung to dry.


We stopped by this fishing village. 

Stockfish - drying cod.
According to our tour guide, Klippfisk meant salted drying cod.

Continue driving ...

We stopped by a shop in the town of Skarsvåg to see live king crabs up close.
Next to the shop was this pool, with rocks piled into a cave at the center of the pool,
because king crabs like to live underneath rocks.

A man came out of the shop, used a wooden rack to gently nudge
a king crab from underneath rocks to the surface.
This giant king crab was even given a pet name.
I think the shop kept this crab as a pet, they would not sell it to be cooked for food.

He asked if anyone wanted to hold this king crab.


VT holding the 5kg king crab.
Look at how thick the legs were.

Continue driving, we stopped by at a Sami gift shop where
a Sami woman made most of the handicrafts for sale.

Her son kept a Sami tent and a reindeer outside for photo op.

Continue driving, this was the road ahead of us.


Finally, we reached the North Cape Visitors Center.
It was a spacious building complex with several floors.
It had three cafe/cafeteria, a film theater, exhibition, and meeting halls etc.
This was one of the exhibits showing arctic birds nesting this far north.

The Globe Monument was enveloped in dense fog when we walked toward it.

The tall straight cliff at the edge of the Globe Monument.


VT got help from one of the young man to snap this photo for him.
Then, he did some magical photo editing to dispel the dense fog.

On the bus, our guide passed a bag with individual packages of reindeer meat jerky.
MC did not want any. VT took one just to take photo.

Scenery on the way back to the ship.


Dinner on the ship was at the Main Dining Room.
MC's Coq au Vin (紅酒燉雞) with mushroom, onion and bacon.

VT's Seared Kingfish with saffron rice, mussel and clam.

The ship gave every passenger a certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle.