5/19/2017, Day 1, Boppard

Our train route from Frankfurt airport to Boppard (the red teardrop)
passed Mainz and Bingen, then up passed Oberwesel to Boppard.
The train tracks more or less hugging along the winding river.

Our attempt at traveling light, a 25-inch and a 21-inch spinner.

At 7:30am the train was quite empty.

Our hotel, the Bellevue Rheinhotel.

The reception area.

Had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant to wait out the rain (and to wait till we could check in).

The Rhine River in front of our hotel.

The town square in Boppard.

A bronze statue of a woman interacting with a boy.
Some folks put a coin or a wrapped candy in the boy's stretched right hand.

Boppard, this picture was taken the next morning when there was sunshine.

We always enjoyed browsing a bakery.